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I just commented on the Fine Brothers ‘Teens react to ATTACK ON TITAN’ Video about them making a video for Little Kuriboh’s amazing

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. PLEASE if you have a youtube account then PLEASE like my comment, comment on it so we can make this happen! 

Username: Madrigal369 and the comment will have a link to Little Kuriboh’s site for the series. 


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Name: Atem Sennen

Role: Teacher

Subject(s): Visual and Performing Arts

Brief History: Atem Sennen is one of the most youngest teachers at Domino Academy at the age of 26, and is considered to have been a prodigy since his childhood. He is well known for his prestigious artistic skills and therefore teaches two classes: One of Visual Arts and one of Performing Arts of Choral Music. As a teacher Mr. Sennen loves to past down his skills to others who share the very passion as he does. He is very kindhearted, a bit childish when it comes to his students, and is willing to help those who are in need of his guidance. 

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