As of now, my reputation & life is on the line & I mean that literally speaking

So this morning, it was very surprising that my mother would wake me up in tears. I was shocked because I never saw my mother look so upset since our grandfather (may he rest in peace) passed away about a year ago. When I got up, I went to the living room & my siblings & my older brother’s girlfriend( who lives with us now) were already there. That was enough evidence to tell me that something very serious happened. It was then that my mother had told us the terrible news…someone has stolen all of my mother’s golden jewelry. That’s up to a little over $2,500 dollars there. And as usual, no one wants to confess. Then when my father found out, he was livid. Not that I blame him; WHO WOULDN’T BE? He also made it clear that if one of us did it, he told us we would be disowned & kicked out of the house. Whether we did it or not. Cuz there’s a possibility that our friends or a family memberdid it. Not so sure on the family member, but friend-wise…yeah. enough said. For him to tell us that by the serious tone of his voice, even the look in his eyes made it clear that he was DEAD SERIOUS. *gulp*

It was then that I had called all of my friends that are mostly over here & they confirmed that they didn’t do it. I know my friend’s wouldn’t do something like that, they love my parents, but still they could’ve lied to me so they’re not completely off the hook. Oh no…the situation just got a WHOLE LOT WORSE. It was then that my parents involved the police who had just left fifteen minutes or so. Any they told us that if they find out that this crime was committed by one of our friends, then not only do they go to jail, but so do I, which I’m not sure why I would go to jail for it. I mean yeah, my friends & I hang out alot at my house, but I always keep tabs on where they go in my home & make sure everyone stays away from my parent’s room.

So now, if I find out that a close friend of mine did this, I’ll say thank you for ruining my life you BASTARD! & beat them to a bloody pulp. Better yet, if Bakura, Atem & Marik were real, I’d give them full permission to do whaever they can as punishment. But in all reality now, I’m deeply scared. I sure hope that when the police find out, the person they catch will not be one of my friends. I’ll keep you guys posted on what happens…pray that I don’t go to the big house…

  1. adhdfreak said: Are you serious?? Omg! Nei Nei you can’t go to jail :/ well I promise you that I would never do this to your family. They treat me like their own when I’m over by offering food, or giving me good talks and lectures about how much Taco Bell sucks!!! Hahaha I hope the police…
  2. pikashadow said: Whoa, that’s horrible! I hope nothing pops up for you or your friends.
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